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A solitaire card game where the goal is to get to the end of the maze without getting lost. The rules are simple, the play is quick, and the game is good for all ages. Forty-eight cards, thousands of possibilities.


Up and down, left and right,
I'll haunt you all your days,
God have mercy on your soul,
Welcome to my maze,

The entrance point will start you off,
But then you're on your own,
The exit is what you must seek,
But you must go alone,

Every turn you make will change,
The path that lay beyond,
The cards will tell you what to do,
But never what has gone,

The maze will turn you all around,
Your soul will feel the cost,
Many more have tried before,
But most have gotten lost,

In the end you shall discern,
The exit or a wall,
But later, someone new will try,
To overcome it all.

The rules are simple:
  • The entrance and exit are always the first and last cards. Don't shuffle them.
  • At intersections, choose a direction and draw the card you're told. All skipped cards are out of play and set to the side.
  • Always go forward. You can never go back on an arrow unless you hit a dead end or a wall. Only return to the most recent intersection.
  • Path cards run into each other. You can run into a wall or re-enter an intersection. If you re-enter an intersection, you can go from there, as long as it's forward.
  • Item cards are set aside and used when you like. Keep drawing as normal.
  • Choice cards are used right away, and let you choose an alternate path.
  • You win by making it to the last card, the exit. You cannot skip it.
  • You lose if you have nowhere to go. One dead end doesn't kill you if you have an opening at the most recent intersection. Remember, you cannot go back.
Luck is needed as much as skill, but having fun is the most important. For a challenge, try shuffling two decks together. Don't say I didn't warn you...